Everyone’s excited about a new year, including Honda. They did a little revamping when it came to the 2017 Accord Hybrid design. Check out these exciting changes.

It’s Under the Hood

Okay, by overall appearances, you might think that you’re looking at the 2016 Honda Accord that had an appearance update in 2016, but you’re not. You might have to look hard to see the discretely placed hybrid badges, but they’re there.

In fact, since the Honda Accord Hybrid was missing after mid-year 2015, this 2017 Hybrid does indeed look like a cloned version of the 2016 Accord. That is, until you get under the hood.

Earth Dreams Technology is boldly emblazoned onto the industry first two motor hybrid system that has been paired with a 2.0L 4-clyinder engine. The two motor system uses one motor for dead stop acceleration, and the second motor is used to start the engine and charge the second engine.


It only sounds complicated.

The Honda Accord Hybrid uses one of three modes while you’re driving. The EV mode utilises the power delivered from the onboard lithium-ion battery and is best for light loads and short distances, while the Engine mode derives its power from the gasoline powered 4-cylinder engine.

When in Hybrid mode, you use both engines to send power to the front wheels through the use of a locking clutch. In this mode, the gas engine helps to recharge the electric motor as the electric motor shoulders all of the responsibility for the power.

All of these modes effortlessly and seamlessly engage to provide you with a fuel efficiency rating that Honda expects will get them a best-in-class rating this year.

These mode choices take the place of a more conventional transmission. Honda put an Electronic-Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT) in the Accord Hybrid to manage the engine modes. The E-CVT makes shifting smooth, thus reducing the loss of power sometimes found in mechanical transmissions during shifts. This means even better fuel efficiency for you and that translates to more savings.

Your brakes even get in on the recharging act. Through regenerative braking, your battery is replenished every time you brake.

There’s Even More

When it comes to overall performance, Honda gives you even more power options.

Press the green ECON™ button and the Eco Assist™ System starts working to deliver a much more efficient ride. Your speedometer will help you visualise your savings by displaying green and white bars. The more efficiently you drive, the more green bars you get, and that means more money saved.

If you’re one of those who prefer a sportier ride, you might be surprised that the Honda Accord Hybrid can deliver that when you activate the sport mode. You can expect an exhilarating ride that will find you slicing through the curves with confidence.

Other Upgrades

Honda offers an optional Display Audio infotainment centre with a 7.0-inch touch screen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities.

No matter which of the three trim models you choose, they all come standard with Honda Sensing™ Technologies that includes safety features like Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Road Departure Mitigation and Adaptive Cruise Control. These systems and other safety features use cameras and radar to alert you when you wander off course or if there is slower traffic ahead. Automatic braking can deter a collision.

Of course, the new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is filled with other features that are best seen, so stop by today. We’ll take you on a test drive right now.