3F39C07500000578-0-image-a-4_1492112145001-300x200Robots are slowly making their way into the workforce, but there is one job humans may not mind these machines taking over – mowing the lawn.

Honda has unveiled an autonomous robotic lawnmower that uses electric motors, sensors and three different programmable cutting patterns to take care of one of life’s most tedious chores.

Called Miimo, the robot is equipped with a minicomputer and is capable of recharging itself – when it hits less than 30 percent battery life, it heads back to its charging dock, reloads and returns to where it left off to finish the task.

Europe traded in their push mowers for Honda’s machine a few years ago and now, Miimo is making its way across the Atlantic to the US.

‘Here at Honda, we’ve combined decades of experience from robotics and engineering to create Miimo – our robotic lawnmower,’ reads Honda’s website.

‘Miimo uses the very latest in Honda technology to take care of your lawn day and night, so you don’t have to.’

‘With powerful electric motors and advanced yaw sensors, Miimo will glide effortlessly around your garden – whatever the layout.’

‘It can move around obstacles, go up and across slopes; and move in random, directional or mixed cutting patterns.’

The Japanese carmaker plans to release two models in the US starting in June – the Miimo 310 and the Miimo 520 – which can cover up to 300 square miles.

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