Just think of those warm, summer days when you want to take to the roads and enjoy a drive. It’s that much more fun when you’re driving a car that lives to hug curves. Honda is set to deliver the Type R Civic to a road near you.Exhilarating Performance

With a 2.0-litre direct-injected turbo four-cylinder under the hood, you can expect performance out of the box in this hatchback Civic. This engine produces 306 horses and 295 lb-ft of torque and has the VTEC timing system that Honda is well known for amongst Honda enthusiasts. It comes equipped with only one transmission: a six-speed auto rev-matching manual transmission lets you take total control as you grab the shifter and put it through its paces.

Of course, the ability to grab a gear is only part of the fun of driving something as nimble as the new Civic. Honda put a unique suspension set up under this Civic that puts you into curves without the feel of a loss of control. It comes equipped with an adaptive suspension for all four wheels. A dual-axis front suspension with steering knuckles and aluminium lower arms take every corner seriously. The helical limited-slip front differential ensures that your grip remains true as you sail through even the tightest turns.

Steering is effortless when using the electric power steering with adaptive powers and a variable gear ratio to sweep the streets with your hands on the leather-wrapped steering wheel. The sport seats hug you in place and come with heavier bolster for a snug and comfortable ride.

A set of Brembo brakes for all four wheels makes stopping effortless. The Type R Civic hatchback has cross-drilled 13.8-inch front rotors and solid 12.-inch rotors on the rear. The Type R is equipped with 20-inch wheels and performance tires for extra grip.

It’s Lightweight

Honda added an aluminium hood to this model to lighten the load; combined with high-strength steel, this Civic is much lighter than the ninth generation Euro model Civic. The body is solid, yet flexible. The bending rigidity has been improved by 45 percent, and the torsional rigidity sees a 38 percent improvement.

By lessening the weight and adding the extra performance engine and transmission, the Civic is ready for you to try out one of its three driving modes. The Comfort, Sport and R+ modes all control the suspension, throttle, stability, rev-matching transmission and steering in order to give you a responsive acceleration and handling under the most extreme driving conditions.

Of course, like all of Honda’s vehicles, you get the top-of-the-line technology when it comes to safety, entertainment and comfort. The 7-inch infotainment system has a touchscreen where you can control your music, navigation and communication needs with a touch of your fingertip. You can marry your iPhone or Android device to the system for a complete personalised experience. The tunes are carried through a 540-watt system boasting 12 speakers.

The 2017 Type R Civic hatchback is an eagerly awaited car for those who enjoy getting behind the wheel of a performance vehicle that tackles turns and straightaways with enthusiasm.

Honda’s entire Civic lineup is capable of bringing a smile to your face when you drive, but the Type R just might turn that into a grin. Stop by and test-drive a 2017 Honda Civic today.