Debuting at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, the HondaLens™ experience utilizes the power of augmented reality (AR) to walk users through the history of the Honda Accord and to highlight prominent features of the all-new 10th-generation Accord.

The digital world produced for Honda and created by Spinifex Group and George P. Johnson is viewable using the Microsoft HoloLens™ and reveals six hidden stories that users activate by walking around the vehicle. Wayfinding arrows and voiceover instructions guide users on where to walk and how to interact.

Using AR in this way allows the user to experience the actual vehicle in the storytelling process. In one example, when users are sitting in the driver’s seat they experience different traffic scenarios that are simulated through the windshield in front of them.

In another instance, a hologram version of the new turbocharged engine floats out of the hood to show how the turbocharger works. Placing users back into the vehicle, this time in the passenger seat, beautiful swirling shapes guide users gaze around the interior to highlight new technology features.