Spring for Some Preventative Maintenance

Here is a list of things to have checked out before you and your loved ones hit the road:

Replace your wiper blades
Winter can be especially rough on wiper blades. Replacing them is a relatively cheap investment to make certain you can actually see where you’re going, rain or shine.

Have Your Tires Checked and Rotated
If there is damage to a tire, or if they are wearing unevenly for any reason, you need to investigate and make the proper repairs or replacements before going any significant distance. It’s a good idea to rotate your tires every ten thousand kilometres.

Fix your windshield
After enduring the winter months of gravel, concrete and icy shards being hurled at your windshield regularly, you may now have chips or even a crack. What many don’t realize, is that a lot of this kind of damage can be repaired before it gets worse – so do that. The windshield is a critical part of your vehicle’s safety structure and if you go into a collision with it compromised, a bad wreck could end up being much worse.

Check your lighting
This one is pretty easy and many people can handle replacing burned-out bulbs on their own. Either way, walk around your vehicle and make sure that every light and signal is working properly. To travel safely you need to both see and be seen.

Change your oil and oil filter
Changing your oil and oil filter at the intervals recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual is one of the best ways to keep the engine running trouble free. Neglecting to replace engine oil can result in poor engine performance, higher fuel consumption and even severe engine damage.

Check your fluids
When you change your oil and oil filter, you should also check your fluids. Check your power steering, brake, and transmission fluids; your windshield washer fluid; and your coolant. If the levels are low, top them up, and flush/replace them as recommended in your owner’s manual. Keep in mind that your power steering, brake and coolant systems are closed, so low fluid levels may indicate a leak.

Get Those Chips and Scratches Touched Up
Cleaning up the exterior can go well beyond just a simple wash and wax. A full detail is a great start, but touching up chips and scratches can not only help make your car look almost new again, it’s actually a really good way to help get it ready for next winter. Any exposed metal will start to corrode almost immediately and if left unchecked, will develop into a real eyesore.

Give your vehicle a fighting chance to look its best and to keep you and your valuables safe and secure. Preventative maintenance is always a good idea because you are investing in the prevention of stress and potential dangers on the road. Before packing your bags and driving away, make sure you can enjoy real peace of mind by ensuring your vehicle is in the best possible condition.