Honda continues to lead the way in fun and efficient two-wheel transportation with the return of the 2023 CRF300L, the rally-inspired CRF300L Rally ABS and arguably, the most approachable street-legal miniMOTO motorcycle on the planet, the Honda Navi. In just its second year, the super reliable and affordable Navi has garnered a huge following, establishing itself as one of the industry’s top-selling miniMOTO, on-road motorcycles.

Honda Navi
In just one short year since it hit the market, the Navi—the latest in a long line of approachable, fun Honda miniMOTO machines—has established itself as a huge hit with Canadian riders of all ages.

Making the motorcycling experience attainable for even more people, the Navi is somewhat of a mix between Honda’s Ruckus and Grom (each of which is popular enough to have developed its own subculture), offering the styling of a motorcycle and the convenience features of a scooter, including Honda’s V-Matic automatic transmission (just twist the throttle to go).

With a super-low MSRP, gas-sipping performance and long maintenance intervals, the Navi is within reach of almost any rider, and it’s more convenient than public transportation or carpooling. Thanks to the Navi, more and more people can discover just how enjoyable, convenient and practical motorcycling can be.

Selling Price: $2,999

    • Includes MSRP ($2,336), Freight, PDI & Fees ($663)
    • Pricing may vary by Province
  • Colours: Patriot Red

Honda CRF300L
The CRF300L platform has long been the motorcycle industry’s top-selling dual-sport model, and it’s returning for a new model year sporting upgraded handguards.

The CRF300L is offered in standard and ABS versions; both delivering unparalleled value and reliability, providing low-cost transportation, and making the adventure of dual-sport riding amazingly accessible.

Selling Price

    • CRF300L: $7,599
      • Includes MSRP ($6,726), Freight, PDI & Fees ($873)
      • Pricing may vary by Province
    • CRF300L ABS: $7,799
      • Includes MSRP ($6,926), Freight, PDI & Fees ($873)
      • Pricing may vary by Province
  • Colour: Extreme Red

Honda CRF300L Rally ABS
Proving once and for all that big adventure is possible in a small package, the CRF300L Rally ABS is based on the standard CRF300L, but with comfort-focused upgrades including hand guards, increased fuel capacity and a frame-mounted wind screen.

A capable commuter, the affordable CRF300L Rally provides an entry to the adventure motorcycle world, evoking images of the Dakar while delivering practicality and value. Comes standard with ABS.

Selling Price: $8,699

    • Includes MSRP ($7,826), Freight, PDI & Fees ($873)
    • Pricing may vary by Province
  • Colour: Extreme Red

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