Honda How-To Videos

The 2017 Honda CRV features an all new programmable Power Tailgate. You can adjust and save the height you want the tailgate to open to, and reset it to factory specifications whenever you like. Hands Free Access allows the driver to open the power tailgate even when their hands are occupied. A simply kicking motion behind the vehicle will activate the Hands Free lift.

The Tire Pressure monitoring system isn’t new to Honda, but the Indirect TPMS (debuting on the 2017 Honda CR-V) is a new application of the feature. The system will now monitor your tire pressure in a brand new way, designed to give you fewer false positives. How does it work, and how do you recalibrate it after filling your tires with air? Watch this video!

Many Honda Vehicle’s feature an electric parking brake and brake hold, but how do you use them? What exactly are they for? Watch this brief video for more.

Blind spot Information (BSI) has been available on top trims of many Honda vehicles for a while now, and it is currently available on the all new 2017 Honda CR-V.  BSI serves to protect the driver with a visual and auditory alert if there is someone in their blindspot.  This will help protect against a side swiping lane change and help to keep the motorists in both vehicles safe. Watch how BSI works in this step by step video.

This new feature, introduced on the 2017 Honda CR-V, is designed to monitor the driver’s alertness, and help them realize when they need to pull over and take a break. Watch and learn more about this new safety feature in the video.

The Smart Entry system and Push Button Start feature, available on many Honda vehicles, including the 2017 Honda CR-V, allows drivers to unlock a car door without and then start the car, without ever taking the key out of their purse or pocket.

The 2017 Honda CR-V offers outstanding comfort to drivers due to a whole host of comfort -features which includes the new Adustable 4-Way Power Lumbar Support. Watch this video to learn how to use this feature.

Auto highbeams are an advanced safety feature available on many new Honda vehicles, including the 2017 Honda CR-V. When driving on a dark road, your high beams will automatically engage and then shut down if they sense brighter conditions or oncoming traffic. This step by step video will demonstrate how to use this feature.

The new Honda CR-V features a versatile cargo area that can be configured in a number of ways. One feature that CR-V owners are sure to appreciate is the cargo cover that slides across the top of your cargo area to prevent prying eyes from peeking into your trunk. When it’s not in use, the cargo cover can slide back and lock in place. This video will show you exactly how to lock, and unlock the cargo cover in the 2017 Honda CR-V.

Sure, windshield wipers are not new technology, but some vehicle owners may appreciate a quick walk through on the various features available on the wiper stalk including intermittent wiper speeds and the Rain Sensing Wipers. This video will provide step by step instructions on how to use both of those features.

The all new 2017 Honda CR-V features plenty of configurable storage, including the new Versatile Center Console. The center console is big enough to store your valuables out of sight, but can also be re-configured to make a longer storage area, ideal for a hand bag. This video will provide the steps on how to take full advantage of that versatility.

The Capless Fuel Filler debuted for Honda on the 2016 Pilot and has since been available on several models (including the all new 2017 Honda CR-V). Using the Capless Fuel Filler is very simple, but there are specific steps to keep in mind if you are ever in a situation where you need to fill the tank with a jerry can. This video will walk you through that process, step by step.

On some Honda models, such as the 2017 Honda CR-V, the climate control system is operated in whole or in part through the Display Audio system. This video will take a look at the climate control system, show you exactly how it works, and answer a few common questions.

You can listen to a variety of audio sources on Honda’s touch screen Display Audio system. This video will provide an in-depth look at how the audio system works, and provide step by step directions on navigating the Display Audio System. This video also shows 2017 CR-V owners where and how to connect to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

This video provides step by step instructions on pairing an iPhone to Honda’s Display Audio system

The new Garmin based navigation system features an easy to use interface, and stunning graphics. The new Garmin based system is available on the 2016 Pilot, 2016 Accord and 2016 Civic.

Honda's RDM is designed to alert and assist the driver if the vehicle is about to unexpectedly leave the road. The system will apply strong steering correction and braking force to help stop the vehicle before a serious accident occurs.

The radar-based system is engineered to keep a set speed and a set interval from a vehicle detected directly in front of you, and is designed to even bring the Civic to a complete, full stop in traffic.

This available radar-based system is designed to keep a set speed and a set interval from a car detected directly in front of you.

The available LKAS is engineered to gently correct your steering when you begin to leave a detected lane without signaling, applying torque progressively to the steering to help guide you back to the centre of the lane.

Keep more of your right side in sight with the available Honda LaneWatch blind spot display. Exclusive† to Honda and new to the CR-V this year, it sends a live video feed from a camera mounted under your passenger-side mirror to the 7” Display Audio System screen, revealing nearly four times more visibility than just the mirror alone.

Using a camera behind the rearview mirror, the available Lane Departure Warning system is designed to monitor vehicle lane position and alert you when your vehicle drifts into a new lane when you haven’t signaled.

Learn how to prepare and connect your Android device with Android Auto.

Learn the basic functions of Android Auto once you have successfully connected your Android device.

This video provides step by step instructions on pairing an Android device to Honda’s Display Audio system

This video shows you the adjustable cargo lid in the all new 2017 Honda CR-V

To help reduce the likelihood and severity of a frontal impact, the available CMBS is engineered to lightly brake if you don’t slow down when it senses you’re at risk of a collision. If it still senses an imminent collision, CMBS is designed to brake firmly.

Learn how to prepare and connect your iPhone with CarPlay.

Learn the basic functions of Apple CarPlay once you have successfully connected your iPhone.

Honda’s remote engine starter is a very popular feature amongst Canadians – especially during those cold winter mornings. Learn how to operate it in this brief video.

HondaLink allows drivers to connect in a whole new way. Schedule maintenance, get vehicle information, locate points of interest, get weather forecasts and more. The new HondaLink system is easier to use than ever before.

Learn about a new feature for Honda: Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Tire Fill Assist. Your vehicle constantly monitors the pressure of your tires and notifies the driver if pressure falls below optimal levels. When filling your tire, your vehicle will actually notify you when you’ve added the correct amount of air. Those confusing little gauges are no longer required!

The Cross Traffic Monitor system is incredibly convenient when backing out of parking spaces with an obstructed view, such as at a shopping centre. The system will alert the driver if another vehicle is approaching while they are reversing.