Lease Guard

 Lease Guard

Covers Wear & Tear Items including, but not limited to:

  • Paint damage, exterior surface dents
  • Front and rear door, hatch and tailgate rubber seals
  • Tail, turn signal and brake light bulbs
  • Muffler(s) and tail pipe
  • Front and rear windshield, side glass chips, breakage
  • Trim and mouldings
  • Carpet rips, tears, stains and spotting
  • Door, trunk and hatch handles
  • Alloy and steel wheels and wheel covers
  • Audio equipment, speakers and systems
  • Scratches, chips, pits or cracks
  • Lenses of head lamps, running lights and fog lights
  • Bumper(s), bumper covers, step bumpers and surrounding bumper trim
  • Interior upholstery surface rips, tears, stains and spotting
  • Discoloration, stone bruises, sand damage and pits
  • Chrome, bright metal, mouldings and trim
  • Side and rear view mirrors (glass, surface and mechanical/electrical)
  • Hood ornaments and body insignia
  • Excess tire wear
  • Missing part(s) up to $150 per occurrence

Terms of Program

  • Up to $7,500 benefit
  • Customer’s wear and tear charges will be waived by Honda Financial Services
  • Maximum 72-month term
  • Claims processed within 2 days of receipt of paperwork
  • Cancellable within 30 days for full refund
  • Available at time of vehicle lease only
  • Vehicle turn-in at anytime prior to or within 1 year after the original scheduled termination date
  • Available on certified pre-owned vehicles

Exclusions of Program

  • Any itemized wear and tear charge that exceeds the $1,000 single event limit
  • Repair done prior to contract termination
  • Alteration charges
  • Excess kilometer charges
  • This is for illustrative purposes only; please see agreement for details.