Service Department

We understand that many of our customers are staying at home and practising social distancing by not going out. For those customers, we will be available for all your sales and service needs once the request for social distancing has been reduced or lifted.

At Richmond Hill Honda our Customer’s and Employee’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. For the customers who need their vehicle serviced during this current COVID-19 situation, we have made some temporary changes to our Service Drop Off Process.

We have implemented a temporary Vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Process.

To ensure the proper logistics of each appointment we will not have online appointment booking available. Please call 905-731-1211 to book during current business hours.

How it works

Please call 905-731-1211 to book your appointment.

Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible (too early or late may cause delays for yourself or others).

Once you have arrived for your scheduled appointment please pull up to the Service drive thru doors where you will be greeted by one of our Service Valets.

Our Service Valet will have a drop off envelope that will have all of your vehicle and appointment information already filled out. At this time they will take your vehicle key and sanitize it with a safe cleaning agent and place it in the envelope.
(Please only leave us the key or remote for the vehicle, preferable no other keys)

The Service Valet will do a quick walk around of the exterior of the vehicle with you present to visually inspect the exterior condition and confirm the results with you.

We will sanitize your vehicles exterior door handle, interior door handle, drivers interior door panel, steering wheel, gear shifter and start button. We will install disposable steering wheel and gear shifter covers and then your vehicle will be parked in que for an available Technician.

Shortly after your vehicle is dropped off you will receive a call from one of our Service Advisors who will go over all of the work to be performed and provide you with a cost estimate and get your verbal authorization.

The Technician working on your vehicle will be wearing gloves at all times and once the vehicle is complete and parked in its final spot for you to pick up we will again sanitize as above and your vehicle will not be moved again.

When the vehicle is complete your Service Advisor will give you a call and go over all the work completed and then guide you through our easy to use and secure online payment process. At this point you will make payment via online payment and set a time with the Advisor to come and pick up your vehicle.

Upon arrival you will again be greeted in front of our service drive thru by one of our Service Valets who will hand you back your keys that will have been sanitized and placed in an envelope. You will then be directed to your sanitized vehicle that will be parked in a close and easily accessible parking spot.

In consideration of the social distancing recommendations we will not be providing our shuttle service during this time. If you have an issue with making alternate pick up or drop off arrangements or if you have any special circumstances please give us a call at 905-731-1211 to discuss how we may help.