What to do when your lease is up?

Don’t like surprises? Neither do we!

Our goal at Richmond Hill Honda is to make your end of lease process as pleasant as it began.

We will be able to provide you with great information on loyalty offerings and exciting new models.

What are my choices?

Option 1

Ready for your Next Honda?

Honda Financial Services is continuously developing exclusive offers for our loyal Honda customers. Please contact your Salesperson or our Lease Maturity Centre at 905-731-8899 ext 2208 and speak to one of our helpful representatives to discuss your eligibility.

Option 2

Love your Honda too much to let it go?

Contact our Lease Maturity Centre at 905-731-8899 ext 2208 for purchase options. We offer competitive financing rates to assist in the purchasing of your vehicle.

*No inspection is required if you decide to keep your current Honda.

Option 3

Would like to return your Honda

30 to 45 days prior to your lease maturity date you will be contacted by a Representative from Honda’s business partner Data Scan to scheulde an appointment for an end of lease inspection.

See video for inspection details